Woodland Party

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Thank you for checking this website.  There's some info you need to know for the party so thought this was easier than long invites.


Both parties (Kai's and Alana's) are going to be held in Rosie's Wood, near Upleadon.    See map and directions below.


As it is in the wood we could get muddy (or wet if it's raining).  But there are also bugs and mosquitoes so I would please ask you to cover your child and yourself if you're staying in bug repellent.


Both groups will be trying their hand at archery, with trained instructors from Yeehaa Outdoors / Yeehaa Yurts.

There will be rules to keep your child safe and anyone who doesn't comply with these will be lead away from the archery for everyone's safety.  Sorry to sound harsh but I want you to know your child will be safe.


The parties are both in the morning and will finish at lunch time.  We are not planning on laying on food to allow everyone more time to have fun and enjoy themselves.



The road address is- Stream Lane, Newent.

Head towards Gloucester and turn left just before The Travellers Rest into Hook Lane, signposted to Tewkesbury.

Continue along Hook Lane until you reach a crossroads, and turn left into Stream Lane.


Continue along Stream Lane until you see two gates on opposite sides of the road.

There are also two footpath signs on either side of the road.

The gate which leads to the forest, has a small gate within a large metal gate.

We will have a sign up at this gate & will be there to meet you!

There is limited parking so please let me know if you're planning on staying, so I can arrange some parking spaces.

I'm hoping we'll have some fab photos taken at the party, by Gavin Jones at Bestside Digital.  I am hoping to post them on Facebook and they may be used on the Yeehaa website. If you prefer for your childs image not to be used then please let me know.  I will also post them on here when we get them.


Also if your child has any allergies or medical conditions I need to know about please do tell me and make sure I have your contact details.



Thank you  and I do hope we'll have a great time.